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Upcoming Pinoy BL Series You Should Definitely Add To Your Must-Watch List

Image: Upcoming Filipino Boy Love Series This 2020

From Tony Labrusca and JC Alcantara's 'Hello Stranger' to Alex Diaz and Kokoy de Santos' 'Oh Mando', here are some of the upcoming Pinoy BL series to look forward and binge-watch this Pride month!

Happy Pride! Every month of the year is a great time to watch a BL (Boys Love) drama. If you're not yet familiar with Boys Love (BL) dramas, here's what you should know:

BL drama is a popular genre in Thailand, a country that seems to be more open to LGBT representation in the world of show business. I think what Pinoys love about these shows is how they revolve around the youth, which sends an even more empowering message, that's why many Pinoy gays really love to watch them since everyone is on quarantine (until now) due to global pandemic. You have no choice but to stick with your phone at home and entertain yourself.

Anyways, since Pinoy got hooked on Thai BL Series especially after the '2gether the series' - A love story of #BrightWin, many Filipino producers are also joining the bandwagon to give Filipino own taste of BL series this year. The 'Sakristan' and 'Gameboys' are the first two Pinoy BL series this 2020 available to stream now and have on-going episodes on Youtube.


“Sakristan” is created by Darryl Yap, the maker of "Vincetiments" and the director of the box-office hit comedy “Jowable” from Viva Films which starred Kim Molina in 2019. 


An athletic scholar, Zach (Clifford Pusing), is ordered by the school board to become an altar server as a punishment for an offense he committed. The board believes this will keep him away from usual mischievous activities. The altar servers follow a buddy-buddy system where the sheep (a term used to refer to newbies) is partnered with a senior altar boy, called the shepherd. Because of his notoriety, Zach is assigned as the sheep of the head of the shepherds, Christian (John Henry Villanueva).

Watch 'Sakristan' episodes below:


“Gameboys” is directed by Ivan Andrew Payawal and written by Ash M. Malanum. This BL series was produced by The Ideafirst Company.

The BL series stars Kokoy De Santos and Elijah Canlas.


A story about live game streamer, Cairo, and the gamer and fan, Gavreel, who both become acquainted after competing on an online game wherein the unknown gamer Angel2000 (Gav) wins over the popular gamer Cai.They start out as online game competitors, but will their relationship eventually blossom into friendship? ...or perhaps, something more?

Watch 'Gameboys' episodes below:


Aside from Sakristan and Gameboys, here are some of the next Filipino BL series you'll definitely love. See the list below:


'Hello Stranger' Starring Kapamilya Stars, Tony Labrusca and JC Alcantara. Premieres Wednesday, June 24, 2020. Directed by Petersen Vargas. Starring Gillian Vicencio, Vivoree Esclito, Patrick Quiroz and Miguel Almendras.


My Day the Series is a romantic comedy BL series about a young, determined culinary intern named Sky (Miko Gallardo) making his way into a multi-billion-dollar food company. Find out how he survives the challenges (in the kitchen and elsewhere) and wins the heart of his wicked boss Ace (IΓ±aki Torres). How will love bloom between these two, and how will cupcakes enter the equation?

Written and directed by Xion Lim. As of this writing, the show has not yet announced the release date of the series.

'My Day the series' Starring Miko Gallardo and IΓ±aki Torres.

3.  OH, MANDO!
In a tweet last April 30, director Eduardo Roy Jr. shared that the show will be released for streaming on iWant soon. He also posted these behind-the-scene photos that tease the chemistry between the two leads. See the tweet below:

'Oh, Mando!' is another BL series of Kokoy De Santos and he's teaming up with Alex Diaz. As of this writing, the show has not yet announced the release date of the series.

 4. IN BETWEEN (sa pagitan ng kamusta at paalam)

'In Between (Sa pagitan ng kamusta at paalam)' is a newly announced BL series. Story and screenplay by Brilliant V. Juan and Krishelle Ann S. Aguilar. Directed by Briliant Viscayda Juan.

The official trailer will drop this Saturday at 7pm. As of this writing, the show has not yet announced the release date of the series.

'In Between (Sa pagitan ng kamusta at paalam)' BL series  will star UST Men's Volleyball player, Genesis Redido and Actor, Miguel Villasis.

Here's a glimpse of  Taurus and Otep (TauTep) loveteam uploaded on IG TV earlier.


My Extra-Ordinary! is an AsterisK first television project this year and will release on Kapatid Network, TV5.

My Extra-Ordinary will star 2 of the promising actors, Enzo Santiago, and Darwin Yu. Coming soon on TV5.

Which upcoming Pinoy BL Series are you excited? Do you also have any more recommendations? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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